Ease your tension and massage away stress with massage chairs. Increase blood circulation, alleviate your tension and soothe away stress all with the sensation of a professional massage in the comfort of your very own home!

POPULAR MASSAGE(#2000): $4,888 $2,888

Massage includes Tapping, Kneading and Rolling, as if 14-Hands are massaging simultaneously. Click here to see the larger photo.

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Roller Massage: Available on models #3500 and #1010

16 rollers vertically installed into the cushion back with additional vibration motors in both seat and back for manual or pre-programmed comfort. Featuring Roller Back Therapy with Vibrating Stimulators

Shiatsu Massage: Available on models #1100

The original "Shiatsu" Roller Massage is designed to include knead, tap and roller motion for a full therapy treatment. Either select manual use or pre-programmed setting for maximum therapy.

Vibration Massage and Heat Unit:

Strategically located vibration motors are placed into the back and seat cushion with added heat pad for the lower back area. Operated manually or with pre-programmed settings.

Available on models #350 with $179 additional, #1000 $with 249 additional

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