Structured Wiring

Imagine living in a home that you can connect multiple computers from any room and share files, printers, and high-speed Internet access. Imagine if you can direct digital TV and other audio and video services on demand to all or one outlet in the home, from the bedroom to the home theater. Imagine monitor security camera from your TV or PC and control your energy consumption with maximum comfort and efficiency.

Structured wiring provides you a system that integrate entertainment, communications, safety and automation for more convenient control. It helps maximizing the capabilities of current home products and systems ( i.e. multiple phone lines, satellite TV, audio/video systems, computers, Internet access, and security systems) and helps them run more efficiently together. Structured wiring is necessary to ensure that your family can be connected to today's services and prepared for future technologies.

Main Three Components of a Home Structured Wiring System

  1. Distribution Hub
    The distribution hub is where all outside services enter the home, including cable TV, satellite TV, telephone, Internet, etc. Wiring for all security cameras also terminates at the hub. The signals that come from the distribution hub travel over the cabling within the walls and terminate at outlets installed in key areas of the house.

  2. High-performance Cables
    Think of wiring as a pipeline for information. High-speed Internet, digital TV, and digital satellite require high-performance cables to allow full access throughout the home. Standard telephone wire doesn't have the bandwidth to handle today's communications requirements. Structured Wiring systems, which include RG-6 coaxial cable for TV and video and Category 5 communication cable for telephone and data, can also prepare a home for any technology you may want to add later on.

  3. Multi-Use Wall Outlets
    The outlets in each room determine which services are available in that room. Each outlet can be customized to a consumer's specific needs based on which services are desired in each room. Pre-made outlets are also available to choose from.
Our staff does not offer a "cookie cutter" solution for every situation. Instead, we will consult with you to evaluate all of your alternatives and recommend the best solution for your structured wiring needs. We also have experts who can answer your questions and give some recommendation on computer networking, home theater, security system, and home automation. Call 817-424-0908 Now!
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